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Fuckin' & Mud Wrasslin' Ep 85
August 14, 2018 10:17 PM PDT
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Hey sexy friends! This week is a triple-play of naughty goodness. Snuggly Dave dished about his first ever gang bang! Then I talked about my sexy adventures with the gorgeous woman who hungrily licked whipped cream off my luscious breasts a few weeks ago! And later in the episode I did some very dirty nasty mud wrasslin’ at a play party. Yes I was covered in a watery poo-like brown substance. Did I win? You’ll just have to tune in to find out. Dave took on the role of sportscaster and he gives you all the mud-slinging action!

You know what? I think enthusiastic consent is very sexy so I’m going to ask you to head on over to Twitter and share some love! Contact both of us at @UnicornReport, me personally at @TastyMuffinLvr and Snuggly Dave @DragonTatsN2Son.

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Naughty in Narnia, Ep 84
August 04, 2018 03:47 PM PDT
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We visited New Orleans, LA from July 23rd-29th 2018 and we enjoyed all kinds of naughty shenanigans! We witnessed man-on-man blowjobs, hit-it-and-quit-it unicorn action, Dave got his ass whipped in the dungeon and I danced topless with my granny panties! Enjoy!

We love our sexy friends! Share unicorn love and glitter on Twitter @UnicornReport. You can reach Snuggly Dave at @DragonTatsN2Son, and you can reach me @TastyMuffinLvr.


Unicorns Are Doing It For Themselves! Ep 83
July 30, 2018 10:10 PM PDT
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* What happened to ASN RADIO?! (UPDATE as of 7/30/18: ASN RADIO and the Unicorn Report talked it out and are now amicable. Yay!)
* 4 hours of MFF unicorn threesome action
* A bizarre encounter with a newbie couple
* I got flirty with a gorgeous tall hottie!
* Snuggly Dave tries being openly bisexual at our local meet-n-greet.
* I was full swap all night with a couple and eventually Snuggly Dave caught up.
* I fisted another unicorn while she had a long, lingering orgasm. Yes it was hot.

HEY! We love our sexy friends! Contact us on Twitter at @UnicornReport. You can contact Robyn at @tastymuffinlvr and contact Snuggly Dave on Twitter @dragontatsn2son. ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT IS SEXY!!!!

Red, White & BOOM Party! Ep 82
July 09, 2018 02:49 PM PDT
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Hello my lovelies! This week Dave and I made our monthly trek down to the Sierra Erotic XXXcitement Red, White and BOOM! party put on by the sexy and bodacious couple, BlondieSilverFox from SLS.com! Dave was the man of the hour, fucking FOUR ladies in one night, including one stranger. Meanwhile, I was coming up empty and needed to step up my game. Later on though, I redeemed myself with a six-person boom party. I banged one out with my strap-on while two guys on either side of me were being taken care of by the same lovely lady. The deeper question of the evening was, “Can you really sell lesbian sex like selling a used car?”.

Later on in the show we talk about our new Southern Arizona bisexual club we are starting called, “Bi Any Other Name.”. We are actively promoting more acceptance for bisexual men, in addition to the already widely accepted female bisexuality in the lifestyle. The bi-phobia men face in the lifestyle needs to stop, and we feel the best way to address it is to encourage men to be open about themselves. Eventually we hope to make bisexuality for both genders “NO BIG DEAL”, as people become desensitized to the idea of men enjoying each other. We are also encouraging men in other cities to COME OUT. It’s going to take a lot of courage, but we believe positive changes can happen with your help! Finally, Dave spills the beans on what he likes in a frank.

We love our sexy friends! Hit us up on Twitter @unicornreport. You can contact me (Robyn) personally on Twitter @TastyMuffinLvr. Most importantly, I ASK BECAUSE ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT IS SEXY!!!

Pool Party Palooza! Ep 81
June 29, 2018 05:22 PM PDT
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Hi Unicorn friends! Since Tucson is six hours from water and one foot from hell during the summer, this week was all about pool parties! Earlier in the week we went out singing karaoke with Mistress P and dove deep into bisexual and lesbian theory. Mistress P shared her story about how she helped a woman discover a bisexuality she didn’t know was there!

Later in the show we talk about a sexy birthday pool party. I talked to a young single guy and he shared his approach to seducing the ladies and his lifestyle story. Later on that evening Dave and I shared our sexy experiences during this naughty event. I gave a lap dance to the birthday girl, and she was a little shy but all smiles. The next evening was yet another pool party. I tried a bit of edible and OMG had the best (heterosexual?!) sex of my life!!! Then we talked to a couple visiting from out of town who live in a state with poor/nonexistent lifestyle prospects. They were eager to share their take on the lifestyle. Other highlights include learning to accept and celebrate your own bisexuality. In this regard, we are starting a bisexual group for men and women here in Tucson to promote acceptance, especially bisexuality for men. Last we throw in some of our infamous F’d up Karaoke. It’s a crazy long episode filled with all kinds of lifestyle goodness, enjoy!

Hey! Want to know a little secret? We have a LIVE RADIO SHOW on ASNRADIO.com every Monday night at 11:00 pm EST, 8:00pm PST. Hit us up on Twitter @UnicornReport and @TastyMuffinLvr. And remember…I ASK because ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT IS SEXY!

SIN CITY 8: The Incredible Edible Shit Show, Ep 80
June 25, 2018 03:18 PM PDT
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Join Snuggly Dave, Sexy Dawn and Robyn as they travel to Sin City 8 in Las Vegas, NV in hopes of finding a weekend filled with debauchery and sex romps of untold magnitude! Little did they know what fate would have in store for these three intrepid but naive travelers. Yes there was good sex, but the sexy lifestyle takeover Menage Life promised in earlier episodes was a far, far, FAR cry from reality. Highlights include a spontaneous interview with Michael and Holli Pockets from Playboy Radio! SIDE NOTE: The volume in the sound clips gets soft at times, my apologies in advance. Please adjust your dial as needed.

Hey! Want to know a little secret? We have a LIVE RADIO SHOW on ASNRADIO.com every Monday night at 11:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm PST. Share the love and give us a call at 520-275-6123 or Hit us up on Twitter @UnicornReport and @TastyMuffinLvr. And remember…I ASK because ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT IS SEXY!

The Exotic Marie, Ep 79
June 10, 2018 10:32 PM PDT
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Hello unicorn lovers! This week you’ll hear from the sexy and exotic Marie, a woman with one of the most unique relationships in the lifestyle. She is a spiritual unicorn. Her adoring and devoted husband drops her off at play parties to let her fuck whoever she wants while he waits at home excitedly for the details afterwards! This is one story you won’t want to miss! She also talks about how they got into the lifestyle and her process in becoming a bisexual woman. She divulges details about her secret erotic sex video collection and how she turned the fantasy of a gang bang into a reality! Marie also gives some helpful advice for couples on how to make the lifestyle work for you. Enjoy the show!

Hey! Want to know a little secret? Snuggly Dave and I are taking a break for a couple of weeks from the live radio show on ASNRadio.com for some R&R. I’m going to Hawaii with family while Dave stays back in Tucson and gets his sexy on with some hot ladies! We’ll be back at you later in the month so until then, keep it sexy! As always, you can still hit us up on Twitter @UnicornReport and you can contact me personally @TastyMuffinLvr. And remember…I ASK because ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT IS SEXY!!!

Queen Honey Buns Shares Her First Play Party Experience, Ep 78
June 05, 2018 08:49 PM PDT
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Hello sexy listeners! Ever wonder what happened to the beautiful woman, Sweet n’ Sexy Honey Buns from episode #70? We talked to Queen Honey Buns LIVE to get her surprising side of the story. That evening was her very first sex party, and she was super nervous but also excited to see what the night would bring… To really appreciate what happened that night, you’ll want to listen to episode 70, which will give you all the background you’ll need for this fun conversation with the most sexy Queen Honey Buns.

Other episode highlights include: Dave gets frisky with a sexy unicorn and we talk about my ‘Girls Only’ party with Cabana boy Dave. I flirted with the sexy and sultry Joann and share it with you, our sexy and curious listeners!

Hey! Want to know a little secret? We have a LIVE RADIO SHOW on ASNRADIO.com every Monday night at 11:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm PST. Share the love and give us a call at 520-275-6123 or Hit us up on Twitter @UnicornReport and @TastyMuffinLvr. And remember…I ASK because ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT IS SEXY!

We Talk to Lifestyle Newbies, Mr. & Mrs. Sapharthas! Ep 77
May 27, 2018 08:39 PM PDT
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Hey lover! Sometimes I just need something really… big…and long, so you better clear you day planner because we’re going for hours. I’m going to need all the stamina you can give me. Here’s a few juicy details for your earhole…

-We called Mr & Mrs Sapharthas, a newbie couple. They talked about their journey into the lifestyle. Turns out babysitters can get you into a whole lot of naughty trouble! They shared their first party experiences and how they surprised themselves when they jumped from the safety of a unicorn to going full-blown orgy!
-Later in the show I share about a super intense 15 minutes with an old friend. She needed some girl-on-girl attention and release…

-The Sapharthas give their advice: “From newbies for newbies”
-We talk about getting into lesbian experiences for the first time.
-Lesbian versus hetero sex, what’s the difference?
-The ‘Girl Code’ and why guys need to learn it if they even hope to have a chance!
-Dave gets jiggy with a hot chick.
-We do our F’ed up karaoke finale, “Ain’t That a Kick in the Balls!”

Hey! Want to know a little secret? We have a LIVE RADIO SHOW on ASNRADIO.com every Monday night at 11:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm PST. Share the love and give us a call at 520-275-6123 or Hit us up on Twitter @UnicornReport and @TastyMuffinLvr. And remember…I ASK because ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT IS SEXY

Sin City 8 Breaking News and & Local Shenanigans, Ep 76
May 21, 2018 10:28 PM PDT
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We just got word today that there's drastic changes to the Sin City 8 venue and overall logistics. We are going to call Sante, one of the co-owners of Menage Life, to get the facts! As time allows we'll also share our local naughty exploits.

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