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2018 'Fuck My Face!' Update Part 1 of 4, Ep 93
January 23, 2019 03:46 PM PST
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PART 1 of 4
Hey sexy friends! Welcome to the ‘Fuck My Face!’ 2018 Update! This is the first in a four-part series which will update you on most of the episodes we have done for 2018. If you’re a regular listener of the Unicorn Report, this is one series you won’t want to miss and if you’re new to the show, it’ll give you a preview on which episodes you might want to listen to later. Enjoy!

Part 1 Highlights and Updates: Fuck My Face, AVN Expo, Mindi Mink and Cherry Pop Radio, Janelle Fennec (MTF trans porn star, and unicorn in the lifestyle), Snuggly Dave Seduces through Massage, ASN RADIO and the start and then sudden demise of the Unicorn Report LIVE internet radio show, Hot Latina Lady Lovin’, a Woman’s First girl-on-girl Encounter Before and After, Mistress P Has Her Way With Us, B-52’s Party, Sin City 8, My Sexy Birthday Party, Naughty in Nawlins Bob and Tess Hannaford Speak, Sweet n’ Sexy Honey Buns and Southwest Lovefest.

We love our sexy friends! Reach us on Twitter @UnicornReport @TastyMuffinLvr and @DragonTatsN2Son

Making Friends... Fucking Friends, Thank you Lifestyle! Ep 92
January 11, 2019 07:42 PM PST
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Hey sexy unicorn lovers! This week's episode is all about sharing what we're thankful for in the lifestyle. I interviewed my sexy friends at an 'Open-minded People's Party'. Hear what they are thankful for...The lifestyle is the best! I also added some awesomely sexy music by the super-hot lesbian band, Goddess And She. Enjoy! Catch us on Twitter @unicornreport, @tastymuffinlvr and @dragontatsn2son REMEMBER...Enthusiastic consent is sexy!!!

Dave Gets the Gay!!! Ep 91
December 16, 2018 07:44 PM PST
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It's always been on my bucket list to watch two guys get it on with each other, and I finally got the chance to watch. Snuggly Dave gives his first-hand impressions as we break down our encounter with a bisexual couple. You know it's hot when you have to stop the sexy lady-action to watch two guys man-handle each other!!!

We love our sexy listeners! Catch us on Twitter @unicornreport, @TastyMuffinlvr and @dragontatsn2son. ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT IS SEXY!

'Sister Wives', Jello Wrestling and LGBTQ Pride, Ep 90
October 14, 2018 09:09 PM PDT
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Hey sexy friends! This week’s episode is all about lifestyle ‘sister wives’, Dave getting sexy with one of his new partners, girl-on-girl jello wrestling and then I had sex with my opponent afterwards! Later in the episode Dave explores more of his bi-side by going to LGBTQ pride for the first time! Awesome music at the end by God-des and She!!!

Head over to Twitter and share some love! Contact both of us at @UnicornReport, me personally at @TastyMuffinLvr and Snuggly Dave @DragonTatsN2Son. And remember, I ASK because ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT IS SEXY!!!

A Love Letter to Holly, Ep 89
October 01, 2018 10:22 PM PDT
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Hello unicorn lovers! This week is a very special episode about a dear friend. I met Holly and her husband a few years ago on SLS. At first I was a little hesitant to meet up because they were from Phoenix and I don’t do long distance hookups. After some persistence on the part of the husband and talking to both parties on the phone, I agreed to meet up with them for the very first time at Starr Pass a few years ago. From that point on we were fast friends and have stayed in contact ever since. I admired Holly’s take-no-shit attitude. She wasn’t afraid to tell her husband to take a backseat while the girls had fun. She would always say, “WALL!” to her husband which I always thought was so funny.

She loved to wear my strap on and though she had never experienced it before, her tenacity to learn the craft brought her to a new level of girl on girl dominance we both enjoyed! Their philosophy was to enjoy life while you can because you just never know what will happen tomorrow. I found that philosophy to be so refreshing and so true. Later on when I started dating a woman I was feeling a little bit hesitant because it meant taking a break from the lifestyle. I remember Holly told me to go for it because love is always worth it. I will never forget those timeless words of advice. I can’t say that relationship worked out, but the advice still holds true.

Tragically, Holly was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer two and a half years ago. She fought this devastating disease courageously until the end, on June 7th, 2018 when her body was laid to rest. I am proud to say her spirit lives on in the hearts of her friends and family, including myself. I am going to celebrate Holly’s life by playing a podcast episode with Holly, also known as ‘H’. This episode titled, “3 Sexy Adventures in 27 Hours”, was my third episode on the show, which was posted on April 21st, 2015. This particular couple, I have to say, was truly my inspiration for starting this podcast. M would always text me on Monday night, wanting to know the sordid details of my crazy unicorn weekends. So…I figured what better way than to share with M and the world than through the Unicorn Report. Thank you so much M and H for encouraging me with the show. Your heartfelt emotional support made it possible.

We love you Holly! Your courageous spirit, kindness and compassion will be remembered!

Shy Unicorns, Drunk Rock Stars and Horny Narwhals, Oh My! Ep 88
September 24, 2018 09:56 PM PDT
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Hey friends it's unicorn story hour! Hear all about how I invited a sexy lady to my place for a drink, dessert and some... *GASP* ...vagina??? In the second chapter of this riveting tale, Dave spreads juicy office gossip about how he banged his former colleague, and she's cumming back for more! Wondering if we'll see that in the morning memo? Later we reenacted the opening scene from the Monkeys TV show at what must've been like 4:00am. Singing "Hey hey we're the Monkeys!" while holding up a drunk rock star and stumbling across my parking lot is something I won't forget for a loooong time. The unicorns are all a-frolic in the fields this week, enjoy!

Club Encounters...And More Encounters! Ep 87
August 31, 2018 01:13 PM PDT
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Hey sexy friends! This week’s episode is a little different than our usual house party romps. I’ve always wondered what goes on inside those sex clubs up in Phoenix and last weekend was the perfect opportunity to check it out. I had some other stuff going on and I was planning to stay up there anyway. I invited Snuggly Dave to be my road dog and so the adventure was on at Club Encounters! It was a mix of nasty sausage party and sexy ladies. It’s not something I want to do on the regular but at the same time I have no regrets!

Later in the weekend we headed down to the the Sierra Vista XXXcitement party and we share the story about our unicorn friend who was looking forward to getting together with a couple but sadly they were not exactly as advertised. Then towards the end of the show we talk about erectile dysfunction and a story of redemption. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way!

And while you’re checking out if to see if your junk works, head over to Twitter and share some love! Contact both of us at @UnicornReport, me personally at @TastyMuffinLvr and Snuggly Dave @DragonTatsN2Son. And remember, I ASK because ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT IS SEXY!!!

Dates, Disasters and Boundaries! Ep 86
August 20, 2018 10:08 PM PDT
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Hey unicorn lovers! This week Dave had all the hot lovin’ he could handle. Meanwhile I had to dig myself out of a lesbian dating disaster at a rock concert. BUT…I did get to have dinner with the band afterwards so you know what? Her loss. The next night I spent some quality time drinking in a bar with a couple…and then I lost track of reality…

Later on in the episode we share a conversation we had from Southwest LoveFest 2018. Diana Ryan, a practicing sex therapist and licensed counselor (www.360lifeskills.com), spoke with us on the concept of ‘boundaries’ in the lifestyle. We need them, and so do you.

And if you know what’s good for you, head on over to Twitter and share some love! Contact both of us at @UnicornReport, me personally at @TastyMuffinLvr and Snuggly Dave @DragonTatsN2Son.

And remember peeps, enthusiastic consent never goes out of style.

Fuckin' & Mud Wrasslin' Ep 85
August 14, 2018 10:17 PM PDT
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Hey sexy friends! This week is a triple-play of naughty goodness. Snuggly Dave dished about his first ever gang bang! Then I talked about my sexy adventures with the gorgeous woman who hungrily licked whipped cream off my luscious breasts a few weeks ago! And later in the episode I did some very dirty nasty mud wrasslin’ at a play party. Yes I was covered in a watery poo-like brown substance. Did I win? You’ll just have to tune in to find out. Dave took on the role of sportscaster and he gives you all the mud-slinging action!

You know what? I think enthusiastic consent is very sexy so I’m going to ask you to head on over to Twitter and share some love! Contact both of us at @UnicornReport, me personally at @TastyMuffinLvr and Snuggly Dave @DragonTatsN2Son.

Hey and while you’re at it, if you like the show please consider sending us some love on iTunes. A few good reviews will help other listeners find us! Thanks sexy friends!

Naughty in Narnia, Ep 84
August 04, 2018 03:47 PM PDT
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We visited New Orleans, LA from July 23rd-29th 2018 and we enjoyed all kinds of naughty shenanigans! We witnessed man-on-man blowjobs, hit-it-and-quit-it unicorn action, Dave got his ass whipped in the dungeon and I danced topless with my granny panties! Enjoy!

We love our sexy friends! Share unicorn love and glitter on Twitter @UnicornReport. You can reach Snuggly Dave at @DragonTatsN2Son, and you can reach me @TastyMuffinLvr.


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